BadTouch is a superawesome FC of Friends on the Excalibur server that is focused on Endgame Progression. We have been around since November 2013 and have accomplished a lot since then.

We are currently looking for people who can play EST/PST Prime times, and EU people who can play 6GMT - 10 GMT. Open schedules are a major major +. While our NA teams are pretty flexible and can accommodate pretty much anyone we feel fit to join our groups, we prefer applicants who are Ranged dps (SMN/BRD/BLM) or Tank. Our EU group needs a Tank, WHM, and BLM or BRD.

We want people who have at least cleared twin + primal x's and have their main jobs geared. We Want to be able to take content on asap, and not get stuck teaching old fights to new people when 2.2 hits. Other than that please have a sense of humor and be able to take criticism with a grain of salt.

If interested please post an application!! If your app looks interesting enough you'll get a tryout and put into the group best suited for your playtime.
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